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BIG Appreciation Month

A Hunka Hunka Burning Love – KFD | BAM Day 16 of 28

By February 22, 2019No Comments
BIG Appreciation Month | Day 16 of 28

A Hunka Hunka

Burning Love

Several years ago my sister had just had her first child. She had been on maternity leave for some time and was just about to enter into the workforce again. She was given a job offer out of nowhere and a starting date within the week. Since both her and her husband were working nights on her first shift they had my mother and father watch their son and the home was left empty for the first time in months. That night around 1 or 2 in the morning electrical wiring failed and caused a spark that eventually engulfed the entire house in flames. By the time that my sister made it back to the house the flames were 10-15 feet high. Her home and everything in it was gone in the blink of an eye. Though the fire was not reported in time to save the house the Kingsport Fire Department was there doing their best to battle the flames. They were so nice and comforting in a time with very few comforts and I want to appreciate them for that. I have a living nephew, sister, and brother-in-law due to God’s timing and getting them out of the house that night. I also have a team of dedicated firemen who brave the flames and risk life to save the lives of others. Thank you Kingsport Fire Department and the firefighters and staff that make it up for the service you provide to our community.

The Bravest of Men and Women

I have had the opportunity to meet several of the great men and women of the Kingsport Fire Department. My uncle Chris Rogers was the best example of what made the KFD so special. Chris would put anyone (and I mean anyone) above his own needs and safety if that is what was required to help. As a close family member, it was sometimes difficult to understand why his focus was on others, especially since we were selfish and wanted him to ourselves. It wasn’t until Chris passed away years ago that I fully realized how much character he had and how he had influenced those around him to be the same. He truly put others first and that is exactly what makes a fire department special. Today I see those same qualities in men like Marcus Starnes.  Firefighters who would do anything for anyone and never complain while they did it.

It wasn’t until Chris passed away years ago that I fully realized how much character he had and how he had influenced those around him to be the same.

I would estimate that all of us have a firefighter(s) to thank. Whether they helped us directly, or saved the life of a family member or friend. If you have a firefighter in your life then let them know how special they are. Let them know you appreciate how they continually put others first. Lift them up in prayer and thank them for what they do. If you would like to thank the KFD I have linked to their Facebook page for you to do so.


A team of the bravest men and women who serve our community both in and out of fires.


For battling the fires and disasters that face our community.

Visit the Kingsport Fire Department on Facebook

*Please note that BIG is not affiliated with the Kingsport Fire Department at this time.  We simply appreciate who they are and what they do for our community.

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