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BIG Appreciation Month

A Little Bird Told Us – Blackbird Bakery | BAM Day 10 of 28

By February 15, 2019No Comments
BIG Appreciation Month | Day 10 of 28

A Little

Bird Told Us

The first time that I heard about Blackbird Bakery was the day after I started working in Bristol. Everyone seemed to know about the place and I felt like I was missing out on a hidden national treasure. A few days later, a co-worker brought in some kolaches for everyone to try. After one bite, I was hooked and my eyes still light up when I see that golden circle with the bird perched right in the middle. We have sampled just about everything on the Blackbird Bakery menu and I can easily say that the atmosphere they provide combined with the sweets that they offer makes it easy to see why they are renown to this area.

The Sweetest Spot on Earth!

Serving everything from crème brûlée to coffee, there is something for everyone to enjoy at Blackbird Bakery, but that’s not all they do.  Blackbird Bakery supports several non-profit organizations like Healing Hands by providing hundreds of cupcakes for their Valentine’s Day fundraiser.  On top of that, they have a staff that is always ready to go the extra distance for their customers.  They always greet you with a friendly smile and a great attitude that makes the whole experience enjoyable (along with being delicious!).

Blackbird Bakery supports several non-profit organizations

If you appreciate Blackbird Bakery or simply support what they are doing in our community, let them know by reaching out at the link provided.  Be sure to check out their Facebook page to stay up to date with the latest news and events and to see what makes Blackbird Bakery the sweetest spot on earth!


Delicious cakes, pastries, and other baked goods that taste so great they’ll have you begging for more.


Blackbird Bakery has become a staple eatery in this area and is known by just about anyone you talk to.


Blackbird Bakery was established in 2008

Visit Their Facebook Page

*Please note that BIG is not affiliated with Blackbird Bakery at this time. We simply appreciate who they are to this community and the tasty treats they provide.

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