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Your Logo is the Foundation of What You Can Affect to Control Your Brand.

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What is a Brand?

Your brand is the personality your business communicates and, most importantly, how your customer perceives it.

How do Logos Fit in Branding?

Logos must be strong, simple, and easily digestible in order to establish a stable foundation to build the personality of your company.

Open Up Your Ability to Sell

A great logo builds trust, a great brand is established trust and fosters customer preference your direction as opposed to competitors.

$10 Million+ Brands
Brands and Products
Your Competition Won't See It Coming

Generate Interest in the short-term and Dominate the Market in the Long-term

You don't have to change your logo to become a formidable brand in your market. You simply need an experienced partner to map out the path.

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On-Site Reminders

Branded materials like shirts, hardhats, stationery, business cards, signs, and product packaging can have an enormous impact on your brand. Not only that, having these materials physically out in the world is another opportunity for customers to be reminded of your business or product. Customers are your best source of marketing when they advertise your business simply by enjoying your products.

Purchasing and distributing branded product can be overwhelming and expensive. Be more efficient with your capital and build a strategy and design for your products with BIG.

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Brand Continuity Through Products and Advertisement

We all have our favorite ads, some of which put businesses on the map. Though no-one may ever beat Tide’s “It’s a Tide Commercial” ran in the 2018 Super Bowl you can have just as successful a campaign. Understanding your customer thoroughly is the difference between wasted marketing dollars and a superior ad campaign. Knowing how, why, when, and what can help you tailor a campaign to their preference, answer questions before they ask, solve problems they are willing to pay for, and show them when they are paying the most attention.


In this video for The Regional Eye Center, we simply wanted to engage patrons in the waiting room through digital signage (BIG provides a monthly service called Display at displaysignage.io ). They have little to do while they wait and are usually accompanied by friends and family. By giving an accurate representation of a common issue we can spark conversation between family members and build confidence in the customer to ask their doctor if their problem can be solved.

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Unchained Business Potential




You have a great business/product but you don't have the traction you believe you should. Sadly, you aren't the exception to the rule. Most businesses live and sometimes die here, not solely because of the deficiencies of their brand but because their attention may have been mismanaged and their brand was unable to carry them through tough times. This is why BIG provides much more than Brand Strategy, we provide the full gamut of digital services and strategies to help businesses overcome gaps that they may have never noticed.

Take a look at our case studies and you can begin to see the difference that we have made for our clients and the difference we will make for you.

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We have built brands for Fortune 300 companies all the way to mom-and-pop shops.

Additional Services

Sometimes you may need the whole suite of our services or just a portion of what BIG offers businesses. In either case, view our service table below to learn more about each one and see our estimated pricing.

Website & Mobile App Design
starting at $9,400
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Wordpress Hosting and Support
starting at $99 /month
SEM Search Engine Marketing
starting at $399 /month
SMM Social Media Management
starting at $399 /month