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CCS Communications – Case Study

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CCS Logo White

Professionalism, Quality, Visibility

CCS Communications is a cabling and communication service provider based in Kingsport TN. CCS is known for their attention to detail and precision for every solution large or small.

Not only do we want to revitalize the CCS brand, we also want to connect customers to the quality that it stands for.

Dewayne PoffOwner

What We Did

Identity System

  • Professional
  • Modern
  • Memorable

Web Design

  • Easy to navigate
  • Modern
  • Informative


  • #1 on Google
  • Increase visibility through SEO
  • Customer Communications

Identity System

Logo, colors, materials

CCS has always stood for quality, as such their entire sales funnel began and ended at word of mouth. CCS wanted to have a connection point for current customer to point potential customer to. We built a brand that would be easy to pick out of the crowd, bold memorable colors to create recognition, and a strong lineup of merchandise and stationery to solidify the CCS experience.


  • Memorable color scheme
  • Bold, visible wear for technicians
  • Clean and modern identity system
  • Professional email response templates
  • Supporting imagery that instills quality
CCS Logo Standard
Connect Indigo


Service Red


Comfort Gray


On-Site Recognition

Making sure customers can see CCS techs on the job means that they are reminded of the business. This creates a reminder of the services provided and will bolster word of mouth communication as simply being on site creates value.

Off-Site Reminders

CCS already keeps strong relationships with it’s clients. By using branded communication methods we are harnessing our same processes and work flows but gaining a higher value from them through furthering brand recognition or by establishing a professional voice.


We wanted to focus on giving visitors a sense of service and a personal feeling. Through use of photography of technicians on the job and the completed jobs themselves coupled with the strong color library, we think we may have hit the mark.

CCS Logo White

Web Design


More Professionally Written Content


Faster Loadtime


More Customer Interaction


01. SEO

The old CCS site was not indexable by google or other search crawlers. We made sure that the new site not only was indexable (duh!) but that it would beat results from other similarly positioned competitors.

Keywords in #1 position (google)

Advanced Line Chart

02. Community

CCS has many clients within 150 miles of Kingsport TN, and leveraging their opinions on how CCS has serviced them was imperative. We created avenues for current customers to contact CCS and also send their testimonials. We didn’t leave new customers out either, we have provided a link to a free estimate on each and every page no matter where you scroll. Word of mouth is no longer our only sales lane!

more contact methods

Doughnut Chart

03. Purpose

We brought a professional writer in to the CCS project to not only write content that would speak to potential customers but also to search engines. Each and every word on the CCS site is built with purpose. Content layouts were defined by targeted customer web habits to ensure every question is answered just before the customer begins to think it.

more customer interaction

Bubble Chart

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