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Engage Customers Organically and Reach a New Audience.

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What is Email Marketing

Email marketing is a direct marketing technique that is highly utilized to both establish and continue ongoing communication with customers

Customer Communication

Communicate with your customer outside of your website to be a constant reminder and leave a lasting impact


Gather valuable knowledge that informs business strategy and allows you to tailor emails to your users' specific interests

Email Deliverability
Open Rate
Reconnect with your customers and stay top-of-mind

Capture previously lost sales and bolster sales volume

We tailor messages to vastly diverse customer demographics and attract the sales that other agencies miss.

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Persistent Marketing

Being a recurrent thought in your customers mind allows you to influence their decisions and bolster a loyalty with your product that will drive sales and increase conversion rates.  Email marketing enables this constant communication through campaigns and newsletters which ensures you are at the forefront of your customer’s mind.

BIG specializes in getting to know your customers and tailoring email marketing campaigns based on your customers’ preferences that serve as a continuous reminder of your brand and the benefits that your product or service has for them.

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Immediate Sales Benefit


Lost Customers

Reconnecting with customers that have either lost interest or forgotten about your product is a proven method of increasing sales and customer satisfaction. Cart abandonment rate is about 75% on a desktop and only increases with smaller screen sizes which means email marketing allows you to reconnect with a huge percentage of your potential customers.

The average conversion rate of abandoned carts that get marketed to is an astounding 18% allowing the potential for exponential sales growth. There are several factors that go into abandoned cart analytics and BIG specializes in all of them. BIG creates tailored email marketing campaigns to uncover weak points that cause abandoned carts and provide a method of communicating to reconnect with lost customers.

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Efficiency and Validation

With a delivery rate of over 99% and an average open rate of 46%, you can be sure that your customers are seeing everything that you send.  BIG tailors email marketing campaigns to customer preferences to ensure that your customers only see what they want to see and never feel like they are being bombarded or overwhelmed by emails.

With our leading-edge email validation, BIG is able to validate email addresses from new or existing customer lists and generate targeted audiences that will maximize conversions and customer satisfaction.  We also remove any invalid emails from these lists so your business can maintain a great reputation with its customer base and avoid situations like email blacklisting or spam law violations.

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Additional Services

Sometimes you may need the whole suite of our services or just a portion of what BIG offers businesses. In either case, view our service table below to learn more about each one and see our estimated pricing.

Website & Mobile App Design
starting at $9,400
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Wordpress Hosting and Support
starting at $99 /month
SEM Search Engine Marketing
starting at $399 /month
SMM Social Media Management
starting at $399 /month