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BIG Appreciation Month

Celebrate What You Appreciate “BIG Appreciation Month”

By February 5, 2019February 10th, 2019No Comments

We LOVE these mountains and we want to raise awareness and appreciate the people, places, services, and businesses that we enjoy day to day.

I (Matt Haynes) have grown up in Kingsport and plan to live, work, and support this area the rest of my life. I love our mountains. It never fails to surprise me how much I miss them when I return from vacation. I love my family which I am very blessed to live near to (but maybe not too near). I love the people who treat each other with respect and care… well except maybe not on the road. Maybe I am nostalgic, but I want to recognize the things I end up taking advantage of. Those very things have helped make myself and my area what they have become today.

BIG is, and always will be, a locally owned company to the tri-cities and surrounding areas.

We have chosen February to be “BIG Appreciation Month” with the kickoff beginning the first Wednesday¬†of the month. Each Week day we will be putting out a blog and social media post about something that matters to us in this area. However, we don’t just want our team’s opinion to be the only one , we need YOUR HELP to nominate anything or anyone who you believe deserves recognition from our local area. I have provided a form below for anyone to nominate, please fill it out and we will tally nominations and may feature your nomination in a daily post.

Matt Haynes

I am on a mission to help the Tri-Cities and surrounding areas become a hotbed for business and customers. The creative side of me is also on a mission, to help them look good while they do it.