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BIG Appreciation Month

Finding a Spot for Our Picnic Blanket at FUN FEST | BAM Day 2 of 28

By February 6, 2019No Comments
BIG Appreciation Month | Day 2 of 28

Finding a Spot for

Our Picnic Blanket at


There are few memories as vivid as when I would go to the park in front of DB during Fun Fest. I would watch my mother scramble to find the perfect shaded spot for our picnic blanket and busting through the crowd to get to it. She is such a good Christian woman, but please do not get in her way if she is trying to find a spot for her family (She is the same way at the beach with our umbrellas, maybe that's just a mom thing). Wearing my cool kid shades secretly made me feel more confident and hoping that the girl I liked at school was there with her family was my dream. Maybe, just maybe, she will pass me on the sidewalk heading to see the balloons before they take off. However, I may attempt to distract her from seeing my dad with his mini fro and shorty shorts. I digress, the point is I have a lot of great memories of my family at Fun Fest and now I get to create those with my kids today.

The Taste, The Concerts, and The Outdoor Fun

Sometimes it’s easy to see grass that is greener elsewhere, but events like Fun Fest help me focus on what an amazing and attractive area we are in. People come from all over the United States just to participate and as I grow older I begin to understand why. There are few opportunities to bring an extended family and friends together to enjoy something that doesn’t get in the way of conversation and fellowship.

Fast forward to today, now I take my family near the playground at the end of The Taste (personally I liked the name The Taste of the Tri-Cities better) and order some pork nachos with extra jalapenos at the awesome Bare Bones BBQ. My kids get a 12 pack of Fazoli’s breadsticks and spaghetti that we end up sharing with people around us… because they are kids and I’m not gonna let them eat all that. Last but not least, my beautiful, stunning, and amazing wife (brownie points++) is always looking out for the Ice Cream stand.

If you are a fan, let them know. Reach out to show your appreciation.

For some people, like myself, as the crowds grow and the area matures we pull away from events like these. It’s easy to become comfortable with the way we interact with each other elsewhere and our excuse is that all the other people will just get in the way of that. I want to overcome thoughts like these; to be a part of our community and enjoy the festivities so I can create those great memories with my family. I appreciate what Fun Fest has brought to our region: the talent, the people, the business, and the fun. If you are a fan, let them know. Reach out to show your appreciation.


A festival to celebrate our region and the community.


For making this event a landmark occasion for the Tri-Cities for 38 years


The first Fun Fest was established on Aug. 8, 1981

View Their Website

*Please note that BIG is not affiliated with Fun Fest at this time. We simply appreciate who they are to this community and the legacy that we have all enjoyed.

Matt Haynes

I am on a mission to help the Tri-Cities and surrounding areas become a hotbed for business and customers. The creative side of me is also on a mission, to help them look good while they do it.