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BIG Appreciation Month

Growing Up With The Big Indian – Pratt’s BBQ | BAM Day 1 of 28

By February 6, 2019No Comments
BIG Appreciation Month | Day 1 of 28

Growing Up with the

Big Indian

When I was 5 or 6 I would dread long car rides home. What was likely a fifteen-minute drive felt to me more like 45 minutes to me. I would look for landmarks as we drove to get my bearings. Though I may not have recognized all of Stone Drive, one thing I always knew, when I saw a tall Indian on the side of the road I was nearly home.

A Gigantic Indian, Spiral Sliced Ham, and Great BBQ

I can’t quite put my finger on why that Indian is so important to me. Possibly it’s because I found my love for design in trying to recognize brands through their appearance even before I could read the words they represent. Maybe it could be because any kid wants to go into a building with giant characters on the outside (I’m looking at you surf shop with a shark mouth entrance in myrtle beach). Either way, having something that I enjoyed in my childhood that I can now show to my own children is such a blessing.

Everyone who has ever traveled through Kingsport will recognize the Indian that sits right outside of the Pratt’s BBQ Barn. If that weren’t enough to remind you of who Pratt’s BBQ is, then what about the words Spiral Sliced Ham? In either case, you would be hard pressed to find someone within our region who does not recognize the name Pratt’s.

If that weren’t enough to remind you of who Pratt’s BBQ is, then what about the words Spiral Sliced Ham?

There is no doubt that this organization has had a tremendous impact on our area and to do so for over 45 years is more than noteworthy. I appreciate the jobs that Pratt’s has provided over those years and I also appreciate the meals that they have provided. (I might not appreciate the pounds they have provided me though.) If you have enjoyed the iconic Indian, the holiday Spiral Sliced Hams, or their food and caterings then reach out to them and let them know.


An Icon to Kingsport for 45+ Years


For being a landmark on the most traveled road in the Tri-Cities and fun conversations when the Indian lost his garments.


Pratts was established in 1971

View Their Website

*Please note that BIG did not build the current Pratt’s website and is not affiliated with Pratt’s at this time. We simply appreciate who they are to this community and their legacy that we all enjoy.

Matt Haynes

I am on a mission to help the Tri-Cities and surrounding areas become a hotbed for business and customers. The creative side of me is also on a mission, to help them look good while they do it.