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Case Studies

Gryph – Case Study

By June 8, 2018August 31st, 2018No Comments

Stability, Empowerment, Established

Gryph is a conglomerate of venture capitalists assembled to assist determined startups do more than just raise money.

We want a brand system that establishes us as the senior to all other VC's. However, we cannot risk being unattainable in that we are unable to attract talented startups in their infancy.


What We Did

Identity System

  • Interesting
  • Stable
  • Comforting
  • Established
  • Inviting

Identity System

Logo, colors, materials

The Gryph team lives in obscurity only assembling for the best investment opportunities. Gryph has invested in startups that have humble beginnings all the way to developing out of silicon valley. They required a brand that was both trustworthy for established businesses yet inviting to startups in their infancy.


  • Inviting Color Scheme
  • Standalone Logomark
  • Stylized Photography
  • An identity that Instills Stability








Gryph isn’t about being noticed, Gryph is about empowering startups to succeed. We used imagery that reflected this motto… literally. We wanted faces to be obscured through clever reflections while still portraying business in the background.


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