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How Coronavirus (COVID-19) Is Affecting Physical Trading In Business

By March 25, 2020March 27th, 2020No Comments
Coronavirus (COVID-19) affect on business

The Coronavirus Effect on Physical Trading In Business

The sudden and severe spread of the Coronavirus has had a huge impact on a global scale. With many countries going into lockdown and fears for the health of the most vulnerable, it is not surprising that measures are being taken in every area to ensure a lessened effect. With that in mind, many businesses are looking at how they can reduce the spread of the illness, and one of the most favoured ways is by reducing their physical presence and operating in an online capacity.

Even for those businesses which are still trading in store, a reduction in custom has been noted due to the simple fact that many people are now self isolating and even those who aren’t are preferring to stay at home as much as possible. Therefore, it is important that businesses are equipped for this change and are ready to operate online for a more lengthy period of time. In this article, we are going to be looking at what businesses can do in order to prepare for and cope with the impact of coronavirus.

How Can Businesses Prepare For Remote Sales Due To Coronavirus?

Businesses are now looking at ways in which they can continue operating in the current health climate, and there are certain things that have already been put into place. For example, many workers are now being encouraged to work from home where this is possible, and companies such as Sky have drastically reduced their in house staff and are asking customers to report issues online or through their TV equipment. This is, of course an excellent way of turning the company into a digital empire whilst the pandemic is happening but what others measures are businesses going to need to take in order to stay profitable and successful during this time?

For many supermarkets, online delivery slots have sold out for up to a week, leaving many customers panicking that they will not be able to obtain a sufficient supply of food whilst self isolating. It is important that these types of businesses are looking at ways in which they can increase their productivity and reduce the time that customers are having to wait for their deliveries. Many businesses now offer an online option when it comes to purchasing, this includes mobile phone companies, clothing stores, pharmacies and much more, giving customers the option to stay at home and have their products delivered. For those who do not offer online shopping, such as the clothing giant, Primark, now might be time for such businesses to consider getting in on the action in order to keep sales at a maximum. Whilst the spread of coronavirus and the current pandemic is set to be a temporary problem, companies may see massive losses if they do not keep up with the ever increasing demand. For businesses who are looking at increasing their online sales, there are a number of factors to consider, this is where reading our article on the Top 10 ways to boost online sales and conversions may prove to be extremely useful.As we mentioned, businesses are now beginning to ask their employees to work from home, and this is an excellent measure to keep staff safe and free from catching the highly risky respiratory condition. However, for many jobs working from home may not be an option without the relevant online platform from which to do so. In this instance, is it time for businesses to think about setting up such a platform to allow staff to have access to the information, programs and contacts that they need to do their jobs? One of the key elements in keeping a business successful during this pandemic is to keep the business at the forefront of peoples minds. With so many now in self isolation, much more of peoples free time will be spend browsing social media and this could be a prime opportunity for business owners to promote their online products. By making sure that potential or existing customers are regularly exposed to social media posts, advertisements and other interactivity, businesses can rest assured that they will not lose as much custom once physical stores are closed.

How Are Businesses Going To Implement These Changes?

Due to how suddenly the number of covid-19 cases has spiked, many businesses are being thrust into uncertainty and forced to act fast. Making these split second decisions could mean the making or breaking of many companies and so it is vital that the correct methods are employed when it comes to operating on a much more intense digital level. But how are businesses going to increase their digital presence as well as creating more content and services online in such a short space of time?

In essence, the answer is simple, businesses are now going to need to enlist the assistance of an experienced web developer who can ensure that the online operation of the company is a success. BIG is a prime example of a web development agency who put their clients online presence at the forefront of what they do. This will give companies a boost when it comes to being able to interact with customers online, online sales and being visible to the general public in a digital sense. This, coupled with reading up on the 7 Best ways to make your business stand out, will ensure that businesses reap the benefits of their renewed online presence.


With the increasing numbers of coronavirus patients, the future looks uncertain, but one thing that is certain is that the world must keep turning and in order to do this, businesses must find a way to operate remotely and from a digital platform. This will not only help maintain healthy sales now that so many people are avoiding entering physical stores but is also an excellent way to ensure staff safety-especially those who are at a higher risk.

Health authorities are working on vaccines and ways to manage the new Covid-19 virus, but in the meantime, it is essential that businesses come up with a plan to boost their online presence and stay afloat during this trying time.


This virus has affected businesses in ways we still havent fully quantified. By taking a closer look at our digital presence, we can mitigate the decrease in physical business and overcome these issues.

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