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Product Spotlight

MailTrack Product Spotlight

By January 25, 2019February 7th, 2019No Comments

MailTrack Product Spotlight

Email tracking and analytics is one of the biggest marketing trends to hit businesses in recent times.  Businesses have been using email marketing solutions for several years as it helps them gain insight into valuable statistics like what demographic is actually reading their emails, what links their customers are clicking on, and what information seems to be the most important to their end users.  This helps them not only tailor their users’ email experience, but also provides them with the knowledge needed to inform business strategy and growth as a company.  First and foremost, if you are a business owner and don’t have an active email marketing strategy in place, we can help you!

Just as email tracking and email marketing is great for your business, it is equally useful for personal use.  Being able to track when an email is sent, when an email is opened, when the links are clicked and various other analytics are especially helpful when you are tracking clients or specific conversations to fully understand what things were said and when they were said.  It gives insight as to when the recipient initially viewed the email as well as when they clicked on any links and visited any pages that you suggested.

There are a million different products out there that provide this capability for an individual and our team here at BIG has tried just about all of them.  We have had several quirks with many of them and found some of them downright unusable, however, MailTrack (by mailtrack.io) is the one that we would recommend above all the others.  The easy to use reporting features for individual items like click reports and view reports push this product above the competition while offering an unbeatable price point at $4.99/month (for yearly subscription).  The ability to use this emailing tracking with about any email provider is what really shoots MailTrack to the top of our list.

*NOTE: This is a BIG recommendation, however, we were not paid or compensated in any way to endorse this product*

Daniel Lockhart

I just want business to be simple. We live in a world where technology is an ever growing and crucial part of business. My goal is for anyone to be able to run a successful business. By integrating our expertise with your business and creating a plan together for how your business can run most efficiently, I know that you'll come out on top!