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Team Member Spotlight

Matt Haynes – Chief Creative Officer

By January 31, 2019February 6th, 2019No Comments

Matt Haynes

CCO – Chief Creative Officer

“Creativity is the Ability to Satisfy Otherwise Mundane Goals Extraordinarily”

I have over 12 years of experience with Fortune 300 level companies all the way to mom-and-pop shops. Throughout those years I have built a strong understanding of large scale business in both feast and famine. I bring that unique experience to build a toolset for our clients to divert sales slumps or extend periods of explosive growth.

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About Matt Haynes

I have decided to write this section in my own words, so bear with me as I am not a professional writer.

I have been so blessed to find myself surrounded by some of the most talented people along with the opportunities God has placed in my lap. He has been so gracious to me and my family and I want to thank God every chance I get. When I turned 18, I was given the opportunity to work in the corporate headquarters at AFG Flat Glass North America,  which is now known as AGC, building plant information screens through software called OSIsoft PI. I cut my teeth in the corporate world here and it meant a lot for, my then supervisor, Kent Hartsock to trust me with that position.

I wasn’t satisfied with simply putting out work; I craved innovation. I began looking for opportunities to do so and when I left AGC at 20 I sought innovation and more than my standard workload at every job thereafter. It was never enough. In 2008 I met Daniel Lockhart, one of the most gifted developers I have ever met and together we realized a synergy unlike any other. We have built business after business since then and finally met a few ultra-talented business men to partner with us to create our most beloved accomplishment yet… BIG.

All of the leadership here at BIG have spent our years working in corporate environments and making note of the processes, behaviors, and strategies that didn’t work. We use that experience to tailor our intercompany communication as well as how we treat vendors and clients. Our most important focus at BIG is to be a company that operates with unmoving integrity and seeking God’s will at every step.

I would love to take credit for all of the revenue we have generated for our clients so far… but I can’t. God led them to us, led us through the project, and guided our hearts in unison together. You may ask “What does a client relationship with BIG look like then?” It looks professional and just like what you would expect from business owners who actually care about their product and how it affects your business. I will never push God on our clients; He guides us and I will do everything necessary to relay that guidance in a professional way.

Running a business toward a Godly way does not change my expectations for you, the client. I expect you to be transparent, work hard, pay your bills, and communicate honestly. If you are transparent: I will do my best to solve your problems. If you work hard: I will make sure your effort is efficient and impactful. If you pay your bills: I have colleagues and more importantly family to support and so do you. If you have honest conversations with me: I will give you my and my team’s entire intellect, I will be attentive to yours, and I will seek out your clients in order to build solutions that relate to all three.


Design, Videography, Spending Time with His Wife and Kids, and a Video Game Here and There


Over 12 Years of experience


To help every client make a serious impact on their customer base and a serious increase in revenue.

Providing for

Our Families 

is Priority #1

I would still work if I had all the money in the world, simply because I love it. However, I would spend as much time with my family as I can. God gave me my family and I intend to support them with every fiber of my being.

A Book

With a Wealth

of Knowledge

I have built up a wealth of knowledge in regards to branding and how it relates to your customer. I have put those thoughts along with some worksheets to help you solve these questions with your team in my book “How to Become | Your Customer’s Preferred choice”. If you are interested in a copy simply click the link below and I will send you a single copy for FREE.

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Matt Haynes

I am on a mission to help the Tri-Cities and surrounding areas become a hotbed for business and customers. The creative side of me is also on a mission, to help them look good while they do it.