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Case Studies

PANO – Case Study

By March 29, 2018August 31st, 2018No Comments

Business Oriented, Social, Engaging

PANO is an exciting startup based out of Tennessee that is focused on providing a social media solution in the physical world. Students are no longer relegated to their own worlds within their devices but connected to events and opportunities with others around them.

I want to build a way for local businesses to utilize the opportunity the PANO app creates for them to connect with local potential customers.

John CowanOwner

What We Did

Web Design

  • Exciting
  • Expose time savings benefits
  • Front page experience for every supported species

Custom Development

  • From At-A-Glance all the way to Deep-Dive UI focus
  • Robust reporting
  • Import from legacy products (integration for competitor import forthcoming.)
  • Smart Events and Animal breeding/weening status

Web Design


Lines of code


Modular Interactive Elements


Only 3 pages

Custom Dev


We developed a unique design for the Pano Portal that we call a ‘Temporal Design’ as it let’s a business walk through a timeline of  how their business shows up on the Pano mobile application and how users are interacting with them.

Campus Social

Pano was built to put a refreshing spin on the social scene in the college world.  It consists of a mobile application and a business/group portal.


Although Pano is just starting out, we have very high expectations for the app and expect it to go places.  With that in mind, we developed the Pano Portal to be completely scalable so whether there is only a single university using it or a thousand, it will continue to be a fluid tool for business growth.


The Pano Portal is a system for businesses and groups to manage their presence on the Pano mobile application.  All aspects of the business integration in the mobile application can be managed from the business portal (events, memories, impressions)


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