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Payment Policy

Policy change effective for all new invoices starting February 19th, 2021


Late Payments

We understand that business can be tough and making your payments on time can be difficult. However, we do expect all of our clients to make every effort to make their payments or at the least let us know what is going on so that we can help. By informing us of your situation we may be able to set up a payment plan that works better for your situation.

  • Invoices are considered late after 15 days from the invoice creation date
  • Exceptions to late payment penalties are only valid in two situations:
    1. If the client has made effort to explain the situation in writing and BIG accepts to provide a grace period. (If a grace period is granted by BIG, the length will be determined by BIG and detailed in writing back to the client).
    2. BIG can decide to issue a grace period for an outstanding invoice based on our own discretion determined by the clients payment history (have they ALWAYS made payments on time in the past).
  • Late invoices accrue 15% or $25 (whichever is more) in late penalties compounded monthly.
  • BIG reserves the right to immediately cancel and/or pause any and ALL current or in-development services and projects for the client if a payment is late.
  • Reinstating services after they have been cancelled requires full payment for all the clients outstanding invoices to be made and furthermore can incur reinstatement charges that must be paid as well (limited to $300 per service unless BIG would incur a larger cost than $300 in order to reinstate service, The limit in this situation is the cost of reinstatement + up to $300).


Negligent Payment (Payments that are 3 months or more late or refusal to pay)

We hope it never happens, but in the situation that a client has refused to pay or has not paid an invoice for 3 or more months from the date the invoice was issued, the client will then be considered negligent, unless the client has explained the situation in writing and BIG accepts the situation and BIG decides to provide a grace period (If a grace period is granted by BIG, the length will be determined by BIG and detailed in writing back to the client). Any hosting or ongoing work WILL be cancelled at this time and a reestablishing fee will be determined by BIG per service with a minimum of $500 per service. All outstanding invoices must be paid in full, including all late penalties, before a project or service can resume.


These new policies do not apply to invoices generated before Feb. 19th, 2021. The policy that was in effect when an invoice was generated to the client will determine which policy is applied. We hope to have healthy business relationships with all of our clients and forego the need for such policies. However, it is our duty to ensure our team is sheltered from clients who do not choose to pay their bills in a professional manner.


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