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Case Studies

Paramount Fit Foods – Case Study

By June 9, 2018August 31st, 2018No Comments
PM Fit Foods logo

Tantilizing, Quality, Anywhere

Paramount Fit Foods makes an assortment of meal and snack packs perfect for hikers on the trail or families back at home. 

Our product is of the highest quality. We want everything we do to be of the highest quality too.

Darrin OttingerOwner

What We Did

Identity System

  • Parent Brand (Paramount Fit Foods)
  • Three Product Logos
  • 10+ Product Variety Styles
  • Packaging for Products & Varieties

Web Design

  • Easy to Use
  • E-commerce
  • Quantity Based Discounts
  • Subscription Service

Custom Development

  • Robust Inventory System
  • Subscription System

Identity System

Logo, colors, materials

Paramount wanted a brand system that portrays them as a natural fitness food provider within a very crowded food market. We built a design language that could easily be used to influence product brands underneath while still maintaining consistency across the company.


  • Black and White Logos
  • Packaging provides the color pop (based on fruit)
  • Stylized Animal Heads to indicate Jerky
  • Linocut fruit designs for a natural handmade look
PM Fit Foods logo






Product Brands

We wanted the product brands to have a recognizable badge that fans could fixate on. Brands succeed when the customers develop a strong relationship with them.


In the Meal Pack business, the packaging is everything. Paramount Fit Foods packaging needed to stand out among a seriously competitive crowd. We decided to build the packaging as an easily digestible monotone palette on stark white. Within the meal pack market, and especially in regards to jerky, there is a sea of deep blacks and dark reds. We won’t be standing out like a sore thumb but like a dollar bill in a pile of change.


Just like our packaging we wanted the website to be stark white with the packaging providing the color pop to make each page stand out. To ensure users were able to tell what they were getting we portray the ingredients falling into each package.

PM Fit Foods logo

Web Design


Upcoming Products


Increased Revenue


subscription service

Custom Dev

Subscribe and Save

Subscription services are becoming an important part of any e-commerce business model. Paramount Fit Foods is no exception to this rule. Consumers who love the product are able to get more value from subscribing than simply doing a one-time purchase.

Consumer Choice

Subscriptions aren’t enough, we needed to let the user choose exactly what goes in their box.

Subscriptions for All

Top-Tier Inventory

Back End, Back to Basics

We don’t want the owners and team spending any longer than they have to when they are maintaining inventory. So we developed it as a simple 2-3 click process to manage inventory and prepare shipments.

Bundles, No Problem!

Inventory can get complicated when you allow users to build their own subscription packages and you have more than 15 upcoming products. We built a system that can scale to any amount of products while still allowing an immense amount of user choice.


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