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BIG Appreciation Month

Stumbling Upon the Virginia Creeper Trail | BAM Day 7 of 28

By February 12, 2019No Comments
BIG Appreciation Month | Day 7 of 28

Stumbling Upon

The Virginia

Creeper Trail

I am a big guy, maybe a bit too big. So when I finally feel motivated to do something about it, I want to go walking/running outside (treadmills make me depressed). When I worked near Sugar Hollow park I would go run through the hills and across the wooded trails at lunch. When it would rain, and I was all by myself, I would feel close to God and have a moment speaking with Him as I tried to forget my screaming muscles. It was beautiful, but everything comes to pass. I moved offices and jobs and began working in Abingdon, VA. Downtown there was little in the way of paths I could run outside (unless you count running on the road a beautiful trip). One day, Daniel and I took a walk and came across a bridge opening to a very long trail. We decided to take the trail (along with a long lunch break) and found one of the most beautiful trails we had been on. Every day we would walk a bit farther and farther but no matter how far we walked we couldn't seem to reach the end. So, I looked it up and it turns out to be about 34 miles long! That's when I realized we had stumbled upon the historic Virginia Creeper Trail and my new running track. (um, well when I decide to run that is.)

A Not-so Hidden Gem and Local Tourist Attraction

In Damascus, VA you will find an unlikely town that feels a bit like a miniature theme park. People are walking the streets and some great restaurants line the area. About every 200 feet is another bicycle rental shop that is packed to the gills renting bikes and shuttling visitors from around our nation.  (a couple of shameless plugs, Bicycle Junction and Mojos Trailside Cafe are some great places to start on the trail.). You can grab a quick bite to eat and be shuttled to the beginning of the trail to have a leisurely ride all the way back to your car/bus/uber. The great thing about the trail is that you don’t need a bike to enjoy its beauty, you just may want to turn around when you get tired (34 miles is a loooong way on foot.) The trail is absolutely one of the most beautiful trek’s I have ever been on.

You can grab a quick bite to eat and be shuttled to the beginning of the trail to have a leisurely ride all the way back to your car/bus/uber.

The trail also hosts one of the biggest festivals in the area with the Virginia Creeper Fest.  I am averse to large crowds but from what I hear, people come from around the nation to take part in the festivities. (I turned on comments, so please let me know if you have gone to the festival and what you thought!) If you have enjoyed the historic Virginia Creeper Trail then reach out to them on Facebook at the link provided and let them know.


A historic trail perfect for biking, running, walking the dogs, whatever.


An absolutely stunning trail that you cannot get lost on.


The trail was opened in 1987

Visit The Facebook PageJoin the Creeper Trail Club

*Please note that BIG is not affiliated with the Virginia Creeper Trail at this time. We are, however, affiliated with both Mojo’s Trailside Cafe and Bicycle Junction. 

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