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The Successful Perspective

By April 12, 2018February 6th, 2019No Comments

Have you plateaued in your business? Waiting for customers to arrive only to be disappointed. Well, there is an old saying that applies “Do what you’ve done and have what you’ve had”. BIG has developed the Successful Perspective that allows those of us who are stuck to rethink and overcome their business problems.


We see established business struggling especially in markets where new competitors are popping up. Just one example would be Toys-r-us. The BIG question is what are they bringing to the table that apparently we no longer do? Good business is like a relationship, it is something that you have to work at that can potentially grow infinitely, it’s not something you simply establish. So to answer your question… what they have you don’t is something that relates to the customer better than you do now. The good news we can fix that together, the bad news? well, it won’t be easy.

Detach from your role as a leader in your business and view life through your customer. What do they love, what are they trying to throughout the day, where do they go? Then relate their lives to your business and how it fits into that. If your priority audience is stay-at-home mothers then you have to understand what a stay-at-home mothers go through day to day to meet their needs.

Alright, you see things from your customers perspective now, you can begin solving their problems. First, let’s get our business on Pinterest because that’s where they are… oh, maybe we can make our location more friendly to kids so parents will feel comfortable to shop while their kids play in store… We have trouble getting people in the doors on Tuesday, let’s run a deal on Tuesdays. You may run that deal on Pinterest and see a doubling of business on a day you traditionally had little revenue. Generally, the efforts made to keep your business on top are exhausting as it does require you as the business owner to change.

In closing, the successful perspective is nothing more than putting yourself in your customer’s shoes and putting the value on their problems. If you are looking for a partner to help put things in perspective or solve your customer’s issues give us a call anytime! 888-824-4832


Matt Haynes

I am on a mission to help the Tri-Cities and surrounding areas become a hotbed for business and customers. The creative side of me is also on a mission, to help them look good while they do it.

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