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Case Studies

TheWhizCells – Case Study

By March 27, 2018March 5th, 2019No Comments

Trustworthy, Exciting, Fast

TheWhizCells will purchase nearly any phone in nearly any condition freeing customers to upgrade or make a bit of cash on old hardware.

I want the site to really POP! It should be enjoyable and easy to use and I want it to be Stupid Fast!

Travis MayOwner

What We Did

Identity System

  • Modernized
  • Based on Original Logo
  • Professional

Web Design

  • Naturally trains users on how to use the site
  • Focus on unique features
  • Blazing Fast load times

Custom Development

  • Robust Re-commerce
  • Back-end Administration Toolset
  • Custom Sale App Built into the Header

Identity System

Logo, colors, materials

TheWhizCells already had an identity system that began and ended with the logo. To ensure TheWhizCells was able to develop trust with customers it was beyond necessary to create an identity system that looks as professional as the business itself.


  • Strong, Bold Color Scheme
  • Supporting Icons and Imagery
  • Stylized Photography
  • Iconography that POPS!
  • Identity that Develops Trust
The Whiz Cells logo
Whiz Red


Cash Black


Supporting Imagery/Icons

The Whiz Cells is bold through and through, just look at that color scheme, so we needed icons that are bold and interesting to combine with the presentation.


Asking customers to send their cell phone out with the promise of money once it has been received is no easy task. We need to ensure customers feel a sense of comfort and trust while they peruse the site. By showing customers regular people enjoying their phones in various scenarios we hope present something customers can relate to.

Web Design


Faster Loadtimes


Increased Revenue


Active Users per Week

Custom Dev

Self Service

We wanted users to be able to complete the whole process of selling their phone in a few simple steps without any assistance.  We designed a front-end that was not only easy to use, but simplistic enough where hand-holding wasn’t a necessity to get the most money for your used phone.

Stupid Fast Payment

We integrated The Whiz Cells with payment services such as Dwolla and PayPal to ensure that users got paid within 24 hours of selling their phone.

Feature Packed

One thing that was missing from several reCommerce sites involving cell phones was complete condition options for the phones being sold.  We provided custom options with variations on pricing for not only the phone condition, but options like bad ESN, charger, and original box.  We also created a complete walkthrough of how to use each piece of the system.

Buying instead of Selling

Multi Employee Administrative Back-End


We developed a back-end solution built off of the WordPress admin core that allowed administrators of The Whiz Cells to easily access all pieces of the site they need to manage.

Hand Tailored

We gathered valuable information about the business process in order to provide custom features in the administration portal like quick payment, package tracking, and quick action emails that can all be done with minimal actions by the administrators.


The back-end system that we developed was created with growth in mind so that no matter how many phones The Whiz Cells was offering to buy, the site would not only accommodate them, but make it simple to manage existing devices as well as add or delete them.

Emphasis on Search

The search bar was intended to be prominent so that throughout the app, it could be used to start the process of selling a phone to The Whiz Cells.


Having experience with reCommerce, we realized that the average site required too many steps in order to sell your device.  We streamlined this process so that only the absolutely vital pieces of information are gathered and they are gathered in an order that makes sense to the user.

Custom Sell Application Header


We were tasked with creating a video that would encourage users to trust TheWhizCells and also help them to feel more comfortable with the site.

We needed to get the viewers attention and quick, so we kept the teaser at a frenetic pace throughout. Each section needed to look professionally crafted as to build trust with the customer. The sound had to be punchy, we wanted to grab peoples attention and refuse to cease it until the video ends.

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