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Case Studies

Voice of Hope – Case Study

By March 30, 2018August 31st, 2018No Comments

Inspiring, Engaging, Impressive

Voice of Hope Ministries is run by evangelist DR Harrison, A once very successful businessman saved through the precious blood of Jesus Christ and called to preach only 6 weeks later. It’s such an awesome story; be sure to check out the 6 weeks documentary we did at the bottom of this case study to hear it.

I want people to be able to find answers they are looking for, listen to sermons, and get excited for our upcoming events.

DR HarrisonEvangelist, Owner

What We Did

Identity System/Graphics

  • Approachable
  • Exciting
  • Modern

Web Design

  • Social Media Integration
  • e-Commerce
  • Web Sermons
  • Events


  • 6 Weeks Documentary
  • 30 Minutes Long
  • 240 Thousand Views

Identity System

Logo, colors, materials

The Voice of Hope brand stands as a call to lost to find Jesus and a call for Christians to move out of their comfort zone. The colors, logo, graphics, video, banners, and all other material needed it to portray that thought. The design language used on all Voice of Hope materials isn’t focused on the traditional, instead it is focused on the lost looking to find.

Crimson Hope


Old Way Gray


Washed White


Supporting Imagery/Icons

We wanted to build site banners and event posters that are beautiful and exciting. DR wanted users to be excited to navigate the site and event lists.

Secondary Branding

The Voice of Hope also combines four ministries that visitors can support. We wanted each one to have a strong identity and still feel like one entity when viewed as a whole.

Wear Designs

DR appreciates a more complicated design; he wanted wear designs that show off the Voice of Hope brand in a very non-traditional way. He requested something that really “POPS” and we think we nailed it.

Book Design

Laura Harrison wanted a book cover that would inspire readers. The design was modern and symbolic of the content within.

Web Design


Recent Sales


Web Sermons


of Events synced with social media

DR asked us to film an interview with him where he and his wife Laura can give their story and their testimony. We wanted it to make a lasting impression on viewers so we built the set with only 3 things visible: A stark white empty couch, DR / Laura, and the bright studio lights.

The video begins with inviting the viewer to take part in the documentary as the studio set is exposed in the very first shot. The chair begins empty and is given center stage and is only filled once DR walks into frame, he has become the new subject. The final shot removes DR and Laura from the chair and exposes it by itself. The viewer and the chair are left alone once again but now with, hopefully, a new perspective. We wanted viewers to think of their own testimony and attribute the empty chair as a call to their own story.

See Voice of Hope on Social Media


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